Footprint Solutions provides enhanced protection for lone workers

Footprint Solutions provides enhanced protection for lone workers

Footprint Solutions, mobile working specialists, is providing lone workers at Golden Gates Housing Trust (GGHT) with an enhanced personal safety suite to safeguard them while working in the field.

GGHT is the first association to trial the “Protect” Module, developed in partnership with Guardian24, which allows the trust to integrate the Housing Support Pro (HSP) solution and Guardian24 personal security service onto tablets and smartphones.

Housing Support Pro assigns each user with a job through the Visit Overview electronic form. When the user accepts the appointment, a corresponding Guardian24 lone worker activity record is created. The user can then log an estimated time for them to complete the appointment. If their meeting overruns, the smartphone will call them to verify their safety; if they do not respond an alert will be triggered which then follows the customer’s predefined escalation procedures.

If the worker feels that their safety has been compromised, they can also raise a covert panic alert which is picked up by either an incident management centre, or a specific contact as defined by the customer escalation procedures.

Peter Fitzhenry, Director of Housing Management from Golden Gates Housing Trust said: “The safety of all our staff is paramount, and we recognise that lone workers in particular have to deal with potentially difficult situations. By using the HSP Protect Module, we can offer enhanced protection for our staff, while also recognising the operational benefits of using Housing Support Pro Solution.”

John Sant, CEO of Footprint Solutions, commented: “We identified that housing trusts need a solution that ensures the safety of vulnerable lone workers, while also delivering efficiencies in terms of time and resource. By integrating our Housing Support Pro solution with a personal security service from Guardian24, GGHT has access to a range of applications in one comprehensive package.”