Our in-house team of creative and development staff will review, design and develop iForms based upon your existing business forms in days.  Full turn-key solutions can be developed and deployed in under a week.  If amendments are required, the team will tweak the solution for you and the App will be automatically updated the next time your end-users log-in.  It’s that simple.

iForms are transmitted from the field to your head office in seconds (subject to the device having a data signal).  In areas of no data coverage the App will work in offline mode allowing users to create as many forms as they require.  When the device connects to a data signal the forms will be dispatched to the head office of the customer.

iForms will be delivered to your business via secure email.  Each email can be customised and can contain subject and message content from data captured within the form.  Distribution can be to as many end-users as you like and forms can also be sent to people whose email addresses are captured within the form being submitted (i.e. sent to a customer email address who is filling in the application form for example).

iForm Pro is a cloud-based 100% secure service.  The security credentials leverage the latest security protocols including HTTPS, data encryption, password protection, user controls and Amazon secure cloud.​

The iForm Pro solution has online or offline modes.  The user doesn’t have to worry about this.  In areas where the App has a data connection forms are instantaneously transmitted to your head office.  Where the App has no data coverage, users can create as many forms as they require storing them on the device.  When the App detects a data signal, the forms will be dispatched to the head office of the customer.

All form output is entered into the secure app running on either an iPad or iPhone device.  Once submitted, data transfer to the cloud-based application is 100% encrypted and secure for total peace of mind.

iForm Pro will capture the date, time and exact geo-location every time a form is completed.  Upon submission of the form, this data is transmitted with the form and this information can be queried and the location of form completion can be displayed on Google(TM) Maps.  The tracking features do let the app user know that location tracking is active and the location data can be used to ensure mobile operators are at service locations when forms are completed.

Some clients choose to pay for their services annually in advance, other customers pay monthly.  It is entirely us to the customer to decide.

iPad Technology can be supplied within your solution for an additional monthly fee.  Where hardware is supplied minimum term contracts (typically of 24 months duration) apply.

Individual app pricing applies for up to 50 App User accounts.  Please call us to discuss enterprise pricing for solutions to service more than 50 App Users.

The Information Warehouse solution is available at an additional cost to the App User Subscription.  Client’s find the Information Warehouse service useful when form processing levels exceed 100 forms per month.  Information Warehouse solutions start at £150 per month for 1 GB of data hosted and increase proportionally with the volume of forms processed each month and the overall data storage requirement.

iForm Pro can be hosted on Android devices.  Our preferred platform for new solution deployments is the iOS (iPad / iPhone) platform.  Call us to discuss your requirements for existing Android device installations on 01565 873 918.