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Our in-house creative and development team will review, design and develop your own, unique forms ensuring all necessary data is captured.

You also have the option to retain your existing business forms. Our development team will make sure that all current fields are present on the new, mobile versions with any amendments applied if required.

All forms are created to your individual requirements and are fully branded.

New, bespoke, mobile iForms can be developed and delivered within a matter of days with full turn key solutions deployed in under a week.

iForm Pro is a simple and intuitive, application-based solution so many clients find they don’t need any training. However, there is training available and clients often find this helpful in order to receive maximum benefit from the solution.

The solution

Yes, field-based users are able to access a library of labelled forms from one device. Each form is clearly named and easy to find.

iForms are transmitted from the field back to your business office within seconds, subject to having a data signal. 

iForm Pro can work offline as well as online so you have the reassurance that any forms created and all new data is captured on the device, even when you are out of coverage. 

When iForm Pro detects a data connection, forms will be automatically sent back to the office.

All iForms will be sent via secure email as a pdf (or other format on request), ensuring the data remains safe at all times. Each customised email can be set up to contain subject and message content from the data captured allowing the recipient to know the content of the email at first glance.

Yes, iForm Pro is a 100% secure, cloud-based service. All forms (and the data captured within them) are held securely on an app running on an iPad or iPhone. Once the forms have been submitted, data transfer to the cloud-based application is 100% encrypted and secure for total peace of mind.

The latest security protocols are applied throughout the process ensuring your information is protected at all times including HTTPS, data encryption, password protection and user controls.

Yes, iPads can be provided as part of your solution for an additional monthly fee. Where hardware is supplied, minimum term contracts apply (typically 24 month duration).

Yes, iForm Pro can be hosted on Android devices as well as iPhones and iPads. To discuss your requirements for existing Android device installations, please call the team on 01565 873 918.

The form

Yes, the form can be sent to multiple people within a business at the same time with the option to include the end customer if appropriate.

IForm Pro will capture the time, date and exact geo-location every time a form is completed. 

When the form is submitted, all of this information is transmitted, along with the form. This enables the business to track where their field-based staff are on Google ™ Maps.

We understand that businesses change and adapt with time. As such, the information you require capturing on your form may also change with alterations needed to the structure itself. 

This can be done quickly and easily by the development team. Just give us a call or send an email so we can understand your requirements and apply the changes. 

Data storage and pricing

Once the submitted forms are received securely by the specified individual(s) in the office, it is up to the business to decide how this information is stored. Most clients decide on a pdf format which can easily be saved onto a shared drive, cloud platform or local device.  

To make the storage of these forms easier for the business, we offer the additional option of an information warehouse solution where forms are automatically uploaded and saved onto a secure platform, allowing easy access and sourcing of forms 24/7.

The information warehouse solution can be exceptionally useful when companies are processing numerous forms from various field-based users. The information warehouse enables office staff the safe storage and easy retrieval of online data at any time without the need to save forms to your own drive or platform. 

This solution is available to all iForm Pro clients at an additional cost to the user’s subscription. This extra charge includes the automatic upload of submitted forms, access to the online library of forms, data storage and secure data hosting.

To discuss your mobile form hosting requirements with the team, please call 01565 873 918.

iForm Pro is a subscription-based service with the option to pay monthly or annually dependant on your preference. 

If the optional information warehouse feature is required, this will come at an additional monthly cost and can be added to your monthly subscription.

Yes, the more users you have, the more discount can be applied. To discuss your pricing structure in more detail, call our team on 01565 873 918.

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