Covid iForm Pro checklists.

The new coronavirus disease COVID-19 has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. As the virus continues to spread extensively, it’s posing a significant challenge to many organisations.

iForm Pro has pre-built Covid-19 checklists to ensure that employers comply with the appropriate Health & Safety guidance surrounding the disease. Unlike paper-based Health & Safety reporting, the iForm Pro solution transmits the completed Coronavirus Health & Safety inspection checklists in real time. This is essential in understanding whether distributed work place sites are complying with Government Guidance relating to the virus.

iForm Pro can be deployed quickly across your estate, ensuring the appropriate coronavirus Health & Safety measures are both implemented and adhered to. All devices are automatically updated and synchronised with this information each time a user logs onto iForm Pro. Additionally the solution can be used to host dynamic health and safety advice and formal guidance.  Our designers are updating these factsheets regularly to ensure it reflects Government advice.

iForm Pro checklists will ensure that places of work, trading outlets and other work place areas comply with measures relating to maintaining:

  • Personal hygiene standards

  • Social distance measures

  • Regular surface cleaning

  • Staff respiratory protection measures

  • Appropriate PPE measures

Ensuring your workforce are 100% compliant with the appropriate Health & Safety guidance