What iForm Pro does

Photo iconPhotos

Take photo’s, write  or draw on them and send them with your forms.

voice memo iconsVoice Memo’s

Record messages and send them with your form.

Compass Pro iconsLocation Capture

Capture the exact GPS position of where a form was completed and plot this on mapping tools such as Google™ Maps.

Form iconDrawings

Draw sketches and plans.

write type iconsWrite or type

Use a stylus or your finger to hand write or key your information onto your forms.

efficient iconsPre filled forms

Pre fill key information into your forms from your systems and send these to mobile workers.

validate iconsShare forms

Pass part completed forms between different teams.

Form iconDraft forms

Complete forms over any number of visits or mobile teams

sharing icons copyForm validation

Set key fields to mandatory and iForm Pro will automatically prompt to complete prior to submission of forms.

Simple iconYour brand

We build your forms in your brand giving your business the professional edge.

Abacus iconForm calculator

Build in automatic calculations into your forms.

Credit cardPayment Processing

Process card payments on the move.

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